Absolute worst car dealership ever. I came in to purchase a vehicle.

After being told I was approved and putting down a portion of the car down payment, I drove off the lot with the vehicle. The entire staff was pushy and they make you sign and initial in multiple areas where they will not even tell you the vehicle price unless you agree to purchase the vehicle today. I did not even want to purchase the vehicle but felt pushed into it. I told the staff multiple times I did not want to leave with the vehicle without being approved completely.

But I was told - we have no deal unless you drive off the lot with it. Unfortunately, after returning from Afghanistan, losing my job, going bankrupt, and trying to rebuild my credit - I couldn't finish the deal. I returned the vehicle the next day and the REFUSED to refund ANY part of my down payment. And when I came in to give the vehicle back I was told to sleep on it, keep it another night.

I signed the contract stating I would pay $50 per day for use and .50 per mile. I certainly did not use $250.00 of the amount I put down. And even after returning the vehicle, the dealership continued to try and get the deal approved - which thank God the bank working to approve my deal called me and asked about it. I told them I returned the vehicle and wanted nothing more to do with the dealership.

I don't know what they were trying to pull with the bank telling them I still wanted to work the deal. On top of that, while dealing with the financial manager Ruben, I was treated with complete disrespect. I was talked down to like I was an *** and worthless. I cannot get calls back from any department for the refund or to ask about it.

And every time I try to call in, I get transferred to someones voice mail who never picks up or calls either. Worst dealership ever. I was only trying to find a good vehicle with good mileage for less than I pay for a BMW right now. But thanks to finding an even better job, I am able to make my BMW payments without a problem.

So it was a God send that this deal did not go through. Unfortunately, I have filed multiple complaints to the BBB here in Colorado to try and get some form of refund. In the end, this was perfect since the vehicle they tried to sell me had nearly bald tires and engine problems. I will probably never be refunded in the end because they have found multiple ways around this with the BBB complaints stating falsely that I had the vehicle longer than I did and drove further than I did.

Stay away from this dealership and find another. You will be treated better and with more respect no matter what has happened to you.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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